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At Strath Haven, our roofing company provides exceptional workmanship using specialty roofing and siding materials such as slate, copper, terracotta tiles and standing seam metal.

Our specialty siding and roofing company creates unique roofs installing premium materials and creating amazing designs tailored to your expectations. Our expert roofers’ knowledge and experience provides detailed services and outstanding craftsmanship for our clients. Strath Haven Roofing and Restoration builds specialty roofing for commercial businesses as well as residential homes roofing needs.

commercial roofing company

At Strath Haven Roofing and Restoration, we  provide a wide range of specialty roofing to custom fit your exterior needs. Our roofing company use many specialty materials to create the individual requirements including:

Slate Roofing

Attractive, natural and non-toxic creating a timeless classic finish.

Custom Copper

Light weight, waterproof and trouble-free allowing a stylish and traditional appearance.

Terracotta Roof Tiles

Durable, energy-efficient and natural creating a charming appearance.

Standing Seam Metal

Versatile, exceptionally durable and energy-efficient allowing to design many classic appearances.

commercial roofing company
commercial roofing company
commercial roofing company
commercial roofing company
 Strath Haven Roofing and Restoration also offers full services when it comes to ongoing maintenance covering all types of siding and roofing. When looking for roofing contractors, contact Strath Haven Roofing and Restoration. We are a residential and commercial roofing company. Our roofing service areas include Delaware County – Montgomery County – Chester County – New Castle, Delaware – Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey.

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